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  • Deranged Kobolds

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    The characters were heading into the [[Nentir Vale]], heading for [[Fallcrest]] with a small caravan of settlers. The caravan was attacked by deranged kobolds who managed to kidnap a …

  • Through the Shadowfell, Part 2

    The characters, now stuck in the [[Shadowfell]], begin travelling in the direction they believe the city of [[Gloomwrought]] to be in. However, they stumble across a nest of dark spiders; after the battle is over, the characters find out they were being …

  • Through the Shadowfell, Part 3

    The characters came out of the [[Shadowfell]] only to find themselves in close proximity to a battle between two black dragons. The larger of the two notices the characters and disengages, flying off into the swamp. The smaller one immediately attacks the …

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