Shadowfell Rising

Through the Shadowfell, Part 3

The characters came out of the Shadowfell only to find themselves in close proximity to a battle between two black dragons. The larger of the two notices the characters and disengages, flying off into the swamp. The smaller one immediately attacks the characters. The battle goes well for the characters, with the exception of two large swamp frogs that try to drag characters off when they see an opportunity. After the battle, the larger dragon returns.

It introduces itself as Shadowmire, and demands to know why the characters are trespassing in its swamp. It disregards the characters’ explanations and tells them they must perform a deed for it if they wish to leave the swamp alive. Shadowmire is indeed fearsome, and the characters do not believe they can fight it – they agree to its demands. Shadowmire tells the characters there is an intruder in its swamp; until recently it has allowed the intruder to remain, hoping it would somehow prove itself useful, but Shadowmire has changed his mind and now wants the intruder gone. It points the characters in the right direction. When asked why it needs the characters to take care of this problem, the dragon explains that there’s no need for it to get involved when it can have someone else do the dirty work for it – and if the characters happen to fail, the will have taken care of both themselves, and weakening the intruder’s defenses for it.

The characters set off through the swamp, battling a lone band of lizardmen before reaching the intruder’s lair. The characters make their way through the building, disabling traps and solving puzzles before reaching the intruder’s main room on the second floor. There they discover the intruder is none other than Vensic, the historian who had tricked them into entering the Shadowfell. During the ensuing battle, Vensic reveals himself as something the characters had never before seen or heard of, the skin of his face and hands peeling back to show only muscle and clawed fingers.

The characters win the fight, and their freedom – Shadowmire is true to his word and allows the characters to leave the swamp.



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