Shadowfell Rising

Through the Shadowfell, Part 2

The characters, now stuck in the Shadowfell, begin travelling in the direction they believe the city of Gloomwrought to be in. However, they stumble across a nest of dark spiders; after the battle is over, the characters find out they were being watched by a scouting party of Dark Ones. After brief introductions, the goblin-like creatures say they may be able to help the characters return to the natural world.

The characters are escorted back to a small camp, where they meet with the Dark One’s camp leader. The leader reveals that they do know of a way back to the natural world, and they even have a key for the portal. Morthadone tries to sneak off and locate the key, but is caught; the Dark Ones show respect for his bravado and skill, but sternly advise him not to try that again. During the meeting with the leader, Alkira notices wards the Dark Ones have put up around their camp, and Jesse notices a tent housing their wounded. The creatures reveal they’re at war with another tribe. In return for the use of the Dark Ones’ portal, the characters offer to assist them in the camp. Alkira strengthens the wards protecting the camp, and Jesse tends to their wounded.

The leader consents to allow the characters to use the portal and sends a single escort with them. On the way to the portal, the characters are attacked by a group from the rival clan, who also had dark drakes with them. The characters came out victorious after a rough battle, and reach the portal without further incident. Their escort activates the portal and the characters step through, finding themselves back in the natural world… but only yards away from a battle between two black dragons.



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