Shadowfell Rising

Mysteries in a Small Town

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The characters finally make it to their first real town, Eadwood, only to almost immediately notice problems occurring with the town’s children. In spite of the skepticism exhibited by the town’s adults, the characters investigate the childrens’ “night terrors” and find a boggle is responsible. During the investigation, it is also discovered that the town is trouble by a goblin necromancer, though the town lacks the resources to go on the offensive against this creature.

During their initial investigation of these events, the characters are joined by Elfie, an axe-wielding elven fighter. Born and raised in Eadwood, she has become bored with simply being part of the militia and asks to join the characters.

After going on a short chase through the forest after the boggle, the characters manage to kill it.

The characters also decide to go after the necromancer and end up making short work of him after fighting their way through his goblin soldiers and undead minions.

In spite of the characters’ contributions to the town’s welfare, they are banished from the town. They are provided with no other explanation than that the townsfolk have seen the “dark side” of the characters and want nothing more to do with them.



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